General conditions

The works submitted for publication are sent by e-mail to the Editorial Board at
The “Human Rights” Journal is published free of charge and there are no fees for the processing of the articles or for the submission of papers.
Evaluation of works
All works submitted for publication shall undergo a screening process. The Editorial Board issues an opinion and the appropriate works shall be reviewed.
The Editorial Board sends the works selected for publishing to be peer-reviewed by reviewers with competencies in the field of the work. At least two reviewers will be selected, the criterion of choice being their specialisation which should correspond to the field of the paper.
The selection process of the works is carried out taking into account the following criteria: the scientific quality of the works (the proper use of the specialised scientific language and the observance of the requirements of the scientific research method), the relevance, actuality, originality, the scientific prestige of the author(s).
The works submitted for evaluation shall receive a positive or negative opinion. If the submissions are rejected, an explanatory note shall be issued. If the opinion is positive the work shall be submitted for approval to the Editorial Board.
The approval of the publication of the work in the Journal may be conditional on the making of some modifications concerning the content or structure of the work and/or the drafting system of the critical apparatus of the work.
The works are then reviewed by authors, if necessary, in relation to the comments and suggestion of the reviewers. From the date of receipt, the authors have a 7 days deadline to submit the revised material in accordance with the comments/suggestions of the reviewers.
The estimated duration of the selection and screening process is 3-4 months.
“Human Rights” Journal supports and promotes an editorial policy based on the principles of editorial integrity, scientific rigour, academic writing, originality, non-discrimination, equality and freedom of expression and opinion. The Editorial Board will not accept any attempt to defraud the ethical norms applicable to scientific research and any other unethical conduct in the publishing process.
The ideas expressed in the articles of the Journal belong, from a scientific point a view, to the authors, and do not reflect, in any way, the point of view of the Editorial Board.

Plagiarism policy
Plagiarism in all its forms is unacceptable. Authors shall sign an affidavit stating that the proposed papers are original, not plagiarised, and have never been published in other volumes/journals. They shall cite or paraphrase, as appropriate, any work and/or parts of the work of other authors that they have used.
The Editorial Board and the reviewers shall check the received papers to detect any plagiarism attempt, by using anti-plagiarism software or by using search engines. Any attempt at fraud will result in the rejection of the submitted manuscript.
In the case of allegations or charges of plagiarism, the author is solely and exclusively liable, and “Human Rights” Journal shall not be liable in this sense.