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Adrian Bulgaru

Moral-civic education – a component of human rights education

Education is one of the main ways we can truly change the world for the better. To this end, we must build around the idea of value, to learn what respect, goodwill, responsibility and morality mean in the first years of our lives, to live and evolve in a democratic society without prejudices. The moral and civic dimensions of education are essential components of both the teaching process and the actions of the family, social environment, collective, in order to form awareness and conduct in accordance with the rules governing the functioning of society. The Romanian Institute for Human Rights, as national institution with attributes in the field of research, training, information and documentation for human rights, has carried out since its establishment in 1991 a wide variety of activities and programmes to promote human rights education, requiring the consideration of human rights education as a national, regional and international priority. Through its training and education programmes, the Institute highlights successful examples and good practices and stimulates measures to continuously improve and develop existing training programmes while promoting new ones.

Keywords: education, respect for human rights, responsibility, morality, civic, civic education, active citizens, continuous training

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Nicolae Voiculescu, Maria Beatrice Berna

Employees’ participation in the administration of their employing companies and the desideratum of a genuine democracy and welfare at the workplace

Participation of employees in the organisation of their own enterprises manifests in three forms, that is, social dialogue, participation in the decision-making process and financial participation. While the first two forms have been structured normatively and institutionally, the way how financial participation turns into actual reality continues to be a subject for discussions. The authors present a number of international practices related to employees’ financial participation in their enterprises as well as the efforts to promote them at the level of the European Union. At the same time, they take notice that in Romania the advantages of such involvement of the employees are ignored, in spite of the problematic situation of the labour force and the worrying statistics regarding the low quality of life.

Keywords: employees’ financial participation, employees’ cooperatives, plans for employees’ participation to the capital

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Florica Orțan

Life in the rural area. Involving children in household activities

Interest in children’s good growth and development is a natural and normal phenomenon, that has always accompanied the human being’s evolution, yet pretty late analysed and materialized in research works and studies. Of course, the large sphere of children’s education and raising, generates a great many of sectors and specific segments, scientific, social or analytical, that deal with the process from all points of view. The rural area was subjected to numerous changes in time, which influenced the life quality of those who identified themselves with the respective world. The child’s evolution within this world should be studied while taking into account the new phenomena, hard to analyse, that present day society has to face. Be it that one refers to the poor living standard, to economic and social problems, or to serious educational confrontations, the rural world provides an analytically ample subject matter, while work, is a concrete reality in children’s educational process, no matter whether it is a voluntary assumption or a number of elements that makes it a continuous necessity. This study analyses how rural life influences the child’s life, while observing in what way household work plays an important role in the lives of rural children.

Keywords: rural area, life quality, education, problems and solutions, updated analysis, development and progress

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Romanian Institute for Human Rights Annual Report - 2017

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Decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the case Valdhuter v. Romania

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Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the case of Porras Guisado v. Bankia SA and Others

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Daniela Albu

”Commemorating the Holocaust and education: our common responsibility” 27 January 2018

Carmen Năstase

Legal and socio-economic emancipation of Roma 100 years after the Great Union

Silvia Iorgulescu

Human rights education in schools

Olivia Florescu

17-25 March – European week against racism

Mihaela Scarlat

Cinematographic art – a weapon against racism

Daniela Albu

Stolen childhoods – Save the Children global report

Daniela Albu

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights report on civil society

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